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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Ohio

Civil litigation occurs when individuals, groups, or businesses can’t work out differences over contracts, legal obligations, money, or property. Civil litigation lets people seek compensation and damages when they’ve been wronged. It can also protect people from paying unfair or illegitimate demands for compensation and monetary damages. In many cases involving civil litigation, fraud and theft can be significant factors.

What can you do when you find yourself at odds with someone over a civil case such as an insurance or contract dispute, consumer complaint, or outright fraud? While some of these cases can be criminal issues, you also need to stand up for your rights if money is owed to you or the subject of an unfair claim.

The legal teams at Heban, Murphee, & Lewandoski, LLC have extensive experience representing defendants and plaintiffs in litigating a broad range of civil matters, including contract and business litigation. They can take on cases involving multiple parties and witnesses, high levels of documentation, complex legal issues, and extensive trials.

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Types of Civil Cases Handled

The experts at Heban, Murphee, & Lewandoski, LLC are well-prepared to take on litigation covering a variety of legal disputes, including:

Civil Fraud – This can happen when someone says they own and have control over property or other assets they don’t own or have permission to use. Civil fraud can also involve getting benefits that haven’t been earned, such as in cases of false workers’ compensation or Medicare claims. Additionally, civil fraud can include instances in which someone has purposefully lied to acquire someone else’s money or property.

Contract Disputes – Contracts set the rules for business deals, jobs, insurance coverage, and sales from property to consumer goods. An experienced civil litigation lawyer can help write and review contracts so that there are no misunderstandings or unintentional consequences after the document goes into effect.

Insurance Issues – Auto, disability, health, homeowner’s, renter’s, and life insurance gives policyholders certain rights and insurers specific responsibilities. When a policyholder files a claim, the insurance company must respond with the policy’s terms. However, some policies can include hidden or obscure conditions and clauses that make filing a claim difficult. A qualified attorney can help untangle the various conditions of an insurance policy so everyone is treated fairly and under the established terms of the agreement.

Consumer Law – Allegations of breaking trust, failing to deliver, and failing to warn or protect all fall under the category of consumer law. Common examples include disagreements about price guarantees, accusations of “bait-and-switch” tactics, selling recalled or defective products, and failing to adhere to return policies.

Expert Help When You Need It

The legal teams at Heban, Murphee, & Lewandoski, LLC possess the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver successful results for litigants in Toledo and surrounding areas.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires expert civil litigation, the team at Heban, Murphree & Lewandowski, LLC is standing by and ready to answer your questions. Contact us for a free case evaluation, or call us at (419) 662-3100 to discuss your legal options.