June 18, 2021
how to contest a parents will

Can A Child Contest A Will If Excluded?

Contesting A Parents Will If a family member has passed away and you were not listed as a beneficiary, you may have questions about the will’s validity. For example, is a will considered valid if all children aren’t listed as beneficiaries? What if none of the […]
June 17, 2021

How To Find Out if Someone Has a Will

Need To Find A Will? Follow These Steps! Deaths are difficult for everyone, particularly for the family and loved ones left. Having a will prepared helps alleviate stress, confusion, and infighting over distributing the decedent’s estate. Here are five ways to find out if someone has […]
June 15, 2021
real estate dispute

What Are The Valid Reasons To Contest A Will?

Top Reasons To Contest Will Fighting a will can be an enormous challenge, and it should be no surprise. Courts often see a will as the voice of the person who wrote the will, and since that person is no longer able to speak about their […]
May 25, 2021
ohio probate court

How Does Ohio Probate Court Work?

Ohio Probate Court Probate proceedings can vary in complexity, documentation, and process, but probate serves the same function in every state. Probate court deals with the estate, finances, debts, and any assets per the deceased’s will. The probate process ensures beneficiaries receive their inheritance. It also […]
May 20, 2021
wills trusts taxes

Everything You Need To Know About Trusts and Taxes

How Are Trusts Taxed? What do you do when you want to set up funds for children, grandchildren, or even yourself in case of medical emergencies but aren’t sure how to best go about it? The best advice would be to consult with experts in trusts, […]
May 7, 2021
toledo events

Top 10 Things to Do This Summer in Toledo

2021 Summer Events in Toledo, Ohio Are you looking for something exciting to do in Toledo this summer? If you’re anything like us, you’re looking to get outdoors and have a little fun in the sun as soon as possible. At Heban, Murphree, and Lewandowski, LLC, […]
April 9, 2021
contesting a will

Everything You Need to Know About Contesting a Will

How To Contest A Will Contesting a will is what you do when you challenge the validity of a person’s last will and testament during probate. Probate is the official judiciary process of validating a will. This process involves asset and property distribution in accordance with […]
April 1, 2021
ohio will

How To File Probate in Ohio

Ohio’s Probate Process Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be stressful. Having to deal with wills and probate court can make this time even more difficult. Fortunately, petitioning for probate is a straightforward process. It can be accomplished easily and relatively quickly with […]
March 29, 2021
contesting a will tips

How To Contest An Executor Of A Will

Contesting A Will Executor The executor of a will is the most critical player in ensuring that your loved one’s wishes are carried out correctly. They are responsible for ensuring that beneficiaries receive a prompt and fair inheritance, that the estate is financially secure and all […]